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Top 10 Recruitment Software Solution Companies in APAC - 2020

There used to be a time when HR and technology could not be used in the same sentence, a time when HR Tech was an oxymoron. In 2020, as we enter the second decade of the digital revolution these times have been long forgotten. HR without technology is an implausible thought in a landscape where innovations loom in every corner of the market. While such a bloom of technologies is exciting, it becomes difficult to choose the right fit for your company.

Among these technologies are the numerous recruitment software solutions powered by data prediction and sourcing systems that help recruiters automate various aspects of their daily workload. It is helping them leverage the rich data stores that they have assembled to create relevant, meaningful and actionable recruitment plans.

To help organizations find the best talent in the marketplace, in this issue of HR Tech Outlook, we have featured the top ten vendors that offer innovative technologies and services that simplify recruitment processes. A distinguished panel comprising of CTOs, CIOs, analysts, and the HR Tech Outlook editorial board has selected the top players from the competitive field of recruitment software solution providers. The listing provides a look into how these solutions work in the real world so that you can gain a comprehensive understanding of what technologies are available, which are right for you, and how they fare against the competition.

We present to you the Top 10 Recruitment Software Solution Providers in APAC 2020.

    Top Recruitment Software Solution Companies in APAC

  • DoublU is a recruitment software provider that offers a self-service platform for cost-effective and transparent on-demand resourcing by facilitating direct communication and transactions between hirers and candidates. There are no job posts, candidate applications, or agencies to manage with DoublU. The company minimizes the dependency on such systems by changing the operating model of corporate hiring to address the aforementioned fundamental issues. DoublU puts individual hiring managers in the driver’s seat of the hiring process using a self-service marketplace, thus enabling direct communication and transactions between the hirer and candidates for cost-effective and transparent on-demand resourcing

  • Headway DNA is a company headquartered in Sydney which is at the forefront of building problem-solving capability which includes hiring the right people and setting them up for success. Headway is client-centric and focuses on the back-end of the recruitment process which means placing the right candidate and ensuring that both candidate and client are setup for success. Headway DNA enables hiring managers and recruiters to easily evaluate a candidate’s capability and match it to the role requirements before hiring. On the Headway DNA platform, hiring managers and recruiters can map candidate capabilities and role requirements, match candidates to roles and provide personalised development plans

  • The company offers a recruitment management platform, HERP Hire, which automates the clerical work for recruiters to streamline workload and improve efficiency. HERP partners with numerous job hunting portals and employment agencies across Japan to collect candidate information and automatically aggregates the data from these agencies using data linkages. A factor that makes HERP a cut above the rest is its recruitment management platform’s ‘scrum recruiting’ concept, which comes from the idea of ‘scrum software development approach.’ Apart from managing candidate information, HERP Hire also provides CRM services to enable the visualization of candidates’ intellectual information, such as job-hopping motives

  • Kalibrr is a technology company that transforms the way candidates find jobs and companies hire talent. By placing the candidate experience at the center of everything, they attract the top talents from all over–ultimately connecting companies with their next generation of leaders. Kalibrr has been helping industry-leading companies in the Philippines for the past five years. They have partnered with over 18,000 companies, providing them access to Kalibrr’s fast-growing database of more than 2.5 million active job seekers. This quality database, combined with its signature Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, enables employers to focus on creating strong candidate relationships to hire the right talent

  • Bullhorn


    Bullhorn is the global leader in software for the recruitment industry. More than 10,000 companies rely on Bullhorn’s cloud-based platform to power their recruitment processes from start to finish. Headquartered in Boston, with offices around the world, Bullhorn is founder-led and employs more than 950 people globally. Every day, the companies Bullhorn serves put the world to work, making an impact on one of the most fundamental aspects of a person's life – their livelihood. Our customers help people put food on their table, earn a decent living, provide for their families. The staffing industry is about so much more than filling open jobs. It is about fulfilling open-ended dreams

  • Jogo


    Established in 2016, JOGO is a software company with a mission to make client jobs much easier than ever by providing smart applications and excellent services to staffing companies. The company’s products are designed to provide long-term value, and its business plan is tailored to cultivating client relationships for a lasting business partnership. JOGO provides full tools and services to staffing, payroll, and recruiting firm. Recruitment software, enterprise staffing software, recruitment system, online job website, and online recruitment are some of the key specialties of the business

  • PeopleStrong


    PeopleStrong is a leading Enterprise Work Technology company that is enriching experience at work for over 300+ customers and over 900,000 users globally. PeopleStrong’s product suite includes next-gen applications in the space of HR Technology, including Talent Acquisition, Human Capital Management, Talent Management, Collaboration, Intelligence and Analytics platform. The company creates digital tools that enable companies and their employees to collaborate in the simplest, most connected, and delightful ways for optimal and impactful growth. PeopleStrong is the first company in the space to be successfully assessed on SSAE18 and recently won the prestigious CIO’s Choice Award for Talent Management on Cloud

  • Recruitment Boost Solutions

    Recruitment Boost Solutions

    Recruitment Boost Solutions provides recruitment CRM solutions for businesses giving recruitment companies the competitive edge they need to succeed. The company believes that every recruitment agency should have access to a robust CRM without breaking the bank. Recruiters have designed Recruitment Boost. The CRMs interface is intuitive and easy to use and has all the features clients need to achieve your goals. The company focuses on providing best-in-class customer support on an ongoing basis by giving its clients direct access to its engineers. The challenges are properly understood and acted upon to make the solutions even better

  • Talent Propeller

    Talent Propeller

    Talent Propeller specializes in recruitment solutions that are transforming the way businesses find and hire talent. The company combines technology with leading recruitment industry experience and works with its clients to remove the expense and time wasted using traditional recruitment processes. Talent Propeller helps businesses build employer brands that speak to their desired audience. The company’s team consists of highly experienced software solution developers who create tools that intuitively manage applications. Talent Propeller works across all industries developing plans that mean its clients do not have to waste money bad recruitments

  • TalentVine


    TalentVine is a trusted recruitment management platform, enabling talent acquisition teams to connect with specialist recruiters, on fees and terms that inspire exceptional work. Some of TalentVine’s key offerings include recruitment marketplace, recruiter ratings, talent marketplace, talent acquisition, employers, and recruiters. The business’s mission is to provide employers and recruiters with the clarity and confidence to make better hiring decisions. With the right balance of smart technology and human interaction, the business empowers the community to fall in love with hiring. Employers using TalentVine have full control when selecting which recruiters they would like to engage with for their job vacancies. This means employers are never compromising on quality, time, or budget